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Information security: Computing Everywhere needs Security Everywhere

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and globally interconnected, with mobility and cybercrime on the rise, information security and IT security are becoming an absolute necessity. Not only have major international corporations become the target of hackers, but mid-sized companies as well are falling prey to industrial espionage by perpetrators both internal and external. Even though laws and regulations like the Control and Transparency in Business Act (Gesetz zur Kontrolle und Transparenz im Unternehmensbereich, KonTraG) and data protection laws are also increasingly demanding the implementation and documentation of IT security measures, risks are often identified too late or addressed inadequately. Security incidents can cause customers to lose trust, triggering millions of euros in losses and lasting damage to a company’s reputation. IT has also permeated more and more areas of life – for instance the “Internet of things” and “connected vehicles”. There too, IT security is a must.

What is more, companies often underestimate the complexity of implementing the rather interdisciplinary area of information security. This is why we offer you independent consulting on all aspects of information security. Real security calls for a holistic view of the essential components. That’s why we first analyze your individual need for protection and then use it as a basis to develop solutions tailored to your companies individual security requirements.

Our experts have gathered comprehensive experience through numerous projects in a variety of areas. They have been certified as Lead Auditors or Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and/or ISO 27001; their knowledge is always at the cutting edge. Our customers include well-known companies and DAX-listed corporate groups. Their trust best affirms our expertise.


Mark Schmidt,
Head of msg Information Security